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    I have another idea which I haven’t seen anywhere and I think it would add something super useful.
    I saw that there are some light weight php libraries (even on packagist) to be able to integrate php applications with WhatsApp messaging service. Most companies nowadays have WhatsApp groups set up in between sales people and office and they rely on it on a day-to-day basis to exchange information and media(photos). Due to the its nature, low cost, ease of use and the fact that nearly all smartphones have it installed (even my grandma has it!) (it is probably more used than sms) – integrating it into the platform would be an excellent tool.
    Maybe it could even be in some way connected to the NoteBundle by adding a ‘post to WhatsApp’ checkbox in the note creation form.
    What do you think?

    oro/platform(1.6.2) + oro/doctrine-extensions(1.0.7) + symfony/symfony(v2.3.27)

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