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    I’m trying to make custom entities and workflows with OroPlatform. The only thing is I knew that the UIs for creating entities and workflows have some limitations.

    Please bare with me for a second, i’ll explain my thoughts. You would provide great help if you explain if my needs are possible or not, along with some guidance (if possible)

    The perfect senario i’m seeking is to be able to create entities and workflows using the UI and add bits of code to overcome the limitation of the UI.

    For example, i want to create new entties and manage entity data when a step is reached in a workflow i made using the UI.
    I want also to add/remove (override) methods in controllers and parts of the views of the extended entities.

    Hope i explained everything in a clear way. I’ll appreciate any guidance.

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    Artem Liubeznyi

    Hi Jacer,

    Workflow management UX is indeed limited in capabilities, and in order to construct a workflow capable of creating new entities you should go to code. You can create steps, transitions, and edit transition forms that will allow user to manipulate attributes of the workflow entity.

    Same for managing entity views: you can create a custom entity via entity management UI but in order to customize it deeper—change view, customize grid, create a menu item, etc.—you need to do code.

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