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    Hi !

    Before explaining my problem, I want to excuse me for my english, i hope to do the best possible.

    I would want to know if it would be possible to separate the CRM module of the platform ORO.
    Indeed, we would like to integrate the part CRM as a bundle into our interface already existente, and thus “to break” the link existing between these 2 parts but I have just seen that exactly during the installation of the CRM, it installs inevitably the platform further to the following line in the composer of / vendor / oro / crm:

    ” Require “: {
    “Php”: ” > 5.4.9″,
    “Oro / platform”: ” 1.4. * ”

    this is just for the simplicity of installation of the CRM, or this bundle cannot work without the platform?

    In other words / vendor / oro / crm has need of / vendor / oro / plateform?

    Thank you,

    Excuse me again for my english ^^

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    Yoav Kutner

    @spyke13008 I don’t think it will work for you as there are too many dependencies on OroPlatform and OroCRM was not designed to work as a stand alone bundle



    @Yoav Kutner, Ah, it’s a pity! Thank you for this answer.
    I like the challenges, I am motivated, I am going to try ^^

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