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    I was wondering how can someone attach or link the same product to multiple categories.I thought in the beginning that this was a bug, but looking harder on table #oro_category_to_product I do see that ORO has by design created this table to be able to host product to single category.

    Can anyone from ORO please share some light how to link the product to multiple categories ?

    Many thanks

    Omar Muhsin

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    Hi Omar,

    oro_category_to_product table is a table of the Master Catalog. The Master Catalog is the single catalog that contains all the products in your system and is shared across all websites. Each product can be assigned once and only once to a specific place in the Master Catalog – it is by design, as this assignment will impact product behavior.

    If you want to assign a product to multiple categories for display purposes – it should be done through web catalogs (see Marketing -> Web Catalogs).

    We also have “sales catalogs” feature in the roadmap. A sales catalog can be used to create custom taxonomy of products, not necessarily for the display purposes – it will be less content/SEO focused (compared to web catalog management). And whether or not to allow assigning the same product multiple times within the same sales catalog – it will be decided by the user who creates the sales catalog.

    Thank you,



    Thanks Michael, really appreciated.

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