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    When posting a new technical question or bug report, please provide the following information:

    Application and environment details:

    • Product: OroCommerce or OroPlatform (OroCRM users & developers are advised to use OroCRM forum at
    • Version: e.g. 1.2.4, 1.3.1, or Git commit hash if you’ve cloned the current master branch from our GitHub repository
    • Operating system name and version: e.g. Ubuntu 16.04
    • Web server name and version: e.g Nginx 1.10.3
    • Database server name and version: e.g. MySQL 5.7
    • PHP version: e.g. PHP 7.1

    For bug reports, please describe the way to reproduce the problem.


    Steps to reproduce:

      1) Install application with demo data
      2) Open edit page for Order #1
      3) Add manual discount for 10$ with name “Christmas discount”
      4) Save Order

    Expected result:

      1) Total sum of order should be 1745$
      2) In Discounts list should be presented “Christmas discount” with amount of 10$

    Actual result:

      1) Total sum of order is 1755$
      2) In Discounts list not presented “Christmas discount”

    You may also provide any other information that you think can be useful to the forum members trying to help you.

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    • This topic was modified 4 months, 2 weeks ago by  mmiasnikov.
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    I am integrating the orocommerce to external inventory system, It has inventory xml over the FTP, I have connected the FTP through the code and fetched the inventory count based on the SKU from FTP.
    Now I have to update the inventory count in the Orocmmerce based on the product SKU. But not able to use the setQuantity function for the same.

    Is there any function in the Orocommerce 1.3.0 to update the inventory

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