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    Hi All,

    Could you please advice on following question.
    In our application we are going to use only one organization — default one.
    Can we change some parts of the ownership scope by removing organization?
    What we are going to do:
    # not add/remove column organization_id from entities
    # not add/remove “organization_field_name”=”organization” and “organization_column_name”=”organization_id” from entities config.
    # the ownership scope will be presented by

    So, will we face any unexpected issues with this?
    Is it ok to configure entities on this way or it’s not recommended at all?

    Thanks in advance

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    I think that can cause some issues. I`m not recommend you to remove this config field.

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    Yurii Muratov

    Hi, aliaksandra.chyrkova.
    It is not recommend to remove the organization field name and organization column name from the ownership parameter in case if the owner type is USER or BUSUNESS_UNIT. All the code that works with such ownership types expects organization field and column data.

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