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    I’m new developper with or_platform and i have an error just with doing an import process
    I want to test the import functionality
    I have created an entity named RcUser using doctrine

    in my import-export.yml i have this configuration that i didn’t understand so much

    the normalizer, i didn’t change anything just doing with the default configuration

    also for the strategy

    when i want to import the cvs file, i have this error

    Choose Processor:
    [1] orocrm_rc_user.add_or_replace
    > 1
    Choose Validation Processor:
    [0] orocrm_rc_user.add_or_replace
    > 0
    | Results | Count |
    | errors | 0 |
    | process | 4 |
    | read | 3 |
    | add | 4 |
    | replace | 0 |
    | update | 0 |
    | delete | 0 |
    | error_entries | 0 |
    Do you want to proceed [yes]?
    Errors occurred during file import.

    this is my cvs file

    1,”Life Plan Counselling”,”dennis.wright_22e27″,”Jerry”,”Coleman”
    2,”Life Plansdfsdfsdf Counselling”,”dennsdgsdgsdis.wright_22e27″,”Jersdgsdry”,”Colsdgsdgeman”
    3,”Life Plan Counsellingssdgsdg”,”dennis.sdgsdg”,”Jerrsdgdsgy”,”Colesdgsdgman”

    please i need help,

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    Hi @sakhrimedamine,

    From what I can tell your email (in your csv file) isn’t a valid email address which could be a problem. Does your logs tell you anything more than “Errors occurred during import”? (see app/logs<prod.log> or <dev.log>). Since there is not much information go on for debugging.

    Kind Regards,

    Jaimy Casteleijn



    thanks @Jaimy,

    in my log there is this is error

    in my database the username, firstname, lastname, email must not be null,
    Theres is not other annotations that i must insert in my Entity class?




    Hi @sakhrimedamine,

    From the looks of it your Entity class has the proper annotations, assuming you have the use Doctrine\ORM\Mapping as ORM; in your class of course. It seems to me that the data isn’t available to insert at all, since all your parameters are empty.

    I think you could add some debug lines in your Strategy class to see whether the data has been processed at all, or you could add some debug lines in your Normalizer class to see what kind of data you’re trying to normalize. For example, just use a file_put_contents(), with a print_r($array,true) so you can log your data into some kind of log file 🙂

    Kind Regards,

    Jaimy Casteleijn



    Hi, @sakhrimedamine

    In addition please check your validation.yml file. it should contain NotBlank constraints for not nullable properties.

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