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    Is there any opportunity to add “send email” notification when the import file isn’t valid? As for example, if any issues occurred in import process I will receive the email with the error message.At the same time, I wouldn’t receive any notification if file has wrong structure.
    Please advise.

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    Hello, @shumdok! As i know, orocrm does not have possibility to send such emails out from the box. This issue is complicated, because there are plenty of different classes are involved in import\export process and and any of them can occur error.I think that import errors must be logged to log file, and you can try to find error message there.

    Also, as variant, that need to be checked, you can modify code to add messages sending. For example, we have such class

    that has several methods, that are adding validation errors.

    I do not sure witch of this methods are capable of file validation, but you can try to extend this helper, and overwrite methods with updated code, that will send email to you.

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    Thanks for reply.

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