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    Grégory PLANCHAT


    I’m currently integrating OroCRM in my customer experience tools architecture by using web services, but i’m facing a problem I can’t understand.

    My application is using Guzzle for HTTP interactions, but the problem doesn’t seems to come from here as I also tried using raw PHP streams and faced the exact same error.

    Which returns :
    Server error response [url] http://localhost:8081/app_dev.php/api/rest/latest/account.json [status code] 500 [reason phrase] Internal Server Error

    I found some similar issues on other forums, but none shown me any clear solution :

    What am I doing wrong here?
    shouldn’t be the error messages more explicit?

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    I created my own wsse auth method here. I was getting error 500 too and I solved using sleep() after creating the wsse token.

    Maybe this could help too:


    Grégory PLANCHAT

    Thanks Rodolfo for the advice, I did not test it as I found the issue before seeing your message. In my case, WSSE authentication was not involved.

    In fact, I did not name the API parameters the good way, it should be :

    I hope this will help the next one to do the same mistake as me.

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