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    Today deleted the app / cache folder in the cache file, a fatal error, the log did not appear the cause of the error.

    Can the cache file be deleted?

    The browser appears´╝Ü
    Fatal error: Uncaught RuntimeException: in /www/vendor/oro/platform/src/Oro/Bundle/EntityExtendBundle/OroEntityExtendBundle.php on line 134

    Please help
    Thank you

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    Hi cnnewin,

    Yes, you right the folder app/cache is required for the application, it is default cache folder for all ORO products so it MUST be available and writable (same for app/logs folder). But all content of this folder (app/cache/*) is generated during application cache warm-up, so it can be safely deleted. However I don’t recommend you do it manually. We have special command for it:

    This command safely clean cache for prod environment if you want erase cache for other environments like dev or test, just replace –env=prod with –env=dev or –env=test respectively.

    P.S. In order to detect such problems (missing folders or extensions) we have special script app/oro-check.php which can detect and print found issues (so if everything is fine it will print nothing), run it to see other issues:

    If you still have any questions I’ll be happy to answer.



    Hi Vladyslav Byndych
    Thank you very much for your answer,
    I reinstalled the system.

    But I have a new problem, e-mail synchronization can not be synchronized, I use this command:

    An error occurred:
    [2017-09-30 16:57:20] app.ERROR: Consume messages command exception. “Expected numeric content. content:””” {“exception”:”[object] (LogicException(code: 0): Expected numeric content. content:\”\” at /www/wwwroot/vendor/oro/platform/src/Oro/Component/MessageQueue/Consumption/Dbal/DbalPidFileManager.php:89)”} []
    [2017-09-30 16:57:20] console.ERROR: An error occurred while running command “‘oro:message-queue:consume’ –env prod”. Expected numeric content. content:”” {“exit_code”:0,”arguments”:{“command”:”oro:message-queue:consume”},”options”:{“env”:”prod”}} []

    Thank you for your help

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