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    suramya das

    I installed the orocommerce in our server with dummy data.. but facing one issue.. In admin side , created new master catalog and assigned some products under that. This catalog and newly added product not getting in the front end.Cleared the cache but no change.I don’t understand what the issue exactly.
    Do we need any customization in our theme?
    (one more thing, i checked one more installation without dummy data. In that i can see created catalog reflecting in store front.)

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    Hi, @suramya das.
    Please, check that you did all instructions described in Especially please check that message queue processing launched.


    suramya das

    @musulim Thank u for the reply. yes i did all that steps as in the instruction.message queue process step also done.Is there any other thing i missed out here?


    suramya das

    once again i run the command php app/console oro:message-queue:consume –env=prod
    getting some error in that time as follows :
    Could not bind to tcp:// Address already in use

    [error] Consuming interrupted by exception. “Circular reference detected for ser vice “akeneo_batch.connectors”, path: “oro_integration.async.sync_integration_pr ocessor -> oro_integration.processor_registry -> oro_integration.sync.processor -> oro_integration.job_executor -> akeneo_batch.connectors -> oro_importexport.j ob_executor”.”

    [Symfony\Component\DependencyInjection\Exception\ServiceCircularReferenceExcep tion]
    Circular reference detected for service “akeneo_batch.connectors”, path: “o
    ro_integration.async.sync_integration_processor -> oro_integration.processo
    r_registry -> oro_integration.sync.processor -> oro_integration.job_executo
    r -> akeneo_batch.connectors -> oro_importexport.job_executor”.

    is this making issue? still i tried and not getting the catalog in front end..



    So, you got not worked consumer. And data not indexed, because it should be indexed by consumer.
    Are you removed cache and reinstall vendors on update or it is clear installation?
    You should not get this errors. Please, give all list of steps that you done to get them.


    suramya das

    Thank you for the reply. Yes removed cache and update vendors
    I done following steps.
    rm -rf app/cache/{prod,dev}
    php app/console oro:platform:update –env=prod –force
    php app/console cache:clear –env=prod
    after that i run the following :
    php app/console oro:message-queue:consume –env=prod

    now errors are not coming. but the same issue existing. If i create catalog in admin side that not reflecting in admin side

    Is there any step is wrong or some other issue? Please help me to solve this



    Please, check that you did all right with documentation.


    suramya das

    yes followed that catalog documentation too.but in this installation,its not reflecting in front end. 🙁



    Please, provide example of your web catalog and your expectation. I will check your configuration on my instance and provide more information how to configure it as you want.


    suramya das

    This is our first installation .. when we are creating the catalog or product in the admin side it is not getting in the store front end. We are created simple demo catalogs and products only. Can you please check the below images
    admin sideStore Front end

    if you check that image u can see that admin side what we change is not getting in the front end. Also subcategory we created too.

    Can you please check and let us know why this is happening.

    Cleared cache and checked then also not getting . This installation we done the import dummy data. In another installation we done without dummy data and in that all this category product reflecting in store front end.



    I tried next on last version of OroCommerce.
    I added new category and sub-category.

    Added new product in sub-category.

    After consumer processed all messages, I see my product and categories on frontend.


    suramya das

    We also checked. Cleared the cache and checked store front agian . Now in the sub page it is showing correctly but in the home page it is not getting .

    Sub page – here we can see Product R&D > Lightning Productssss

    But in the home page this changes not reflecting

    Let us please know in this home page menu any customization required



    Hello @suramya das,

    please follow instructions from

    In general: go to Marketing -> Web Catalogs -> (select) Default Web Catalog. Then, click “Edit Content Tree”. On the edit page select Default Web Catalog -> Products -> By Category and click “Create Content Node”. From the “Content Variant” section select “Add Category” and pick your newly created category. After saving (please make sure that consumer is running) you should be able to see changes also in the menu.

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