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    I’m working with the version 2.3.
    I noticed a bug when an event was created in the calendar, and I add participants and I indicate a reminder.
    The reminde is not sent (for both types: mail or flash message) to the participants but only to the event owner.

    I checked the oro_reminder table, and only a record (the one for the owner) is saved, but not the records for the participants (even when the participants accepted the invitation).

    In the documentation:

    Add a Calendar Event

    It is indicated that the reminder is sent to all participants.

    Is it a bug or is it the correct behavior? And how should you do so to send the reminder to all the participants?

    Another problem, with events in calendar, is in the widget of calendar in the dashboard when i want to accept an event. I click on the event, the event popup open with correct data, but when i accept the event an error occur, message is “There was an error performing the requested operation. Please try again or contact us for assistance”.
    Otherwise if i open “My Calendar” from the widget and I click the event and i accept from the popup,everything works properly.

    Thank you

    Sorry for may bad english.

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    Hi,! Thank you for your post!
    1) Yes, it is a known issue CRM-8145. Reminders must be sent to all participants. Exception: reminders are disabled for recurring events.
    2) OroReminderBundle provides a command “oro:cron:send-reminders” which send all reminders to their recipients, Message Queue consumer also must be run.
    3) Bug CRM-8466 has been created. Thank you for reporting the issue!

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