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    The source option used to configure the Doctrine query builder to fetch the data to be displayed in the grid is below:

    The SQL Equivalent Query of the above is :

    Now when I try to get Grand Total of the Salestotal Column , I am getting incorrect result .
    Screenshot attached in given link below:

    Sql Query Result Screenshot
    The Sum of all 5 columns mentioned above would be : 553685.05 But I am getting value as 1127193.40 which is incorrect as shown in link given below where in datagrid display of report.

    DataGrid Display Screenshot

    I am stuck in how to use the Totals & Grand Total for a particular column in Datagrid.
    I gone through the link given below in OROCRM as follows to construct Datagrid:


    Please need help by suggestions / resources I can take a look at to get proper Total .

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    Hi @shreyas,

    Could you please also provide additional query for calculation totals?
    Looks like problem with it, may you need to specify expr parameter for it.

    Best Regards,
    Denis Voronin



    Hi Denis,

    I am very sorry for such a late Response.

    We are not using the Datagrid method now for the Grand totals as explained above & have taken an approach with normal Controller function to get the total from DB Query & print it using Twig which is working fine now.Also as per your previous reply i had only shown in code the only columns that needed to get totals . We will get back once we have a requirement for the totals to be obtained using Datagrid.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Shreyas S

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