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    please I already install orocrm and connect magento with orocrm bridge
    then I click Schedule sync and run app/console oro:message-queue:consume –env prod twice
    and job oro_integration:sync_integration:1 stuck running
    what steps can I do to run sync with magento ?


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    First of all I can suggest you to go into integration page (ex. and check Statuses section for errors. As next step you can run consumer (oro:message-queue:consume command) with extra verbosity:

    When you schedule sync one more time, consumer will print extra information which can help you debug a problem with your integration.

    Magneto sync can take time depending of how many customers, orders and carts you have. When you setup integration for the first time initial sync is scheduled. This initial sync will load all your information starting from most recent till the date you’ve setup during the integration, so it can take a while until sync job will be marked as “Done” in the job list. Next sync will load only changes so it will take much less time then initial one.

    Please let me know if it make sense for you.

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