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    Even though I have nodeJS installed I get this message during install

    (Yellow Trangle image)JSEngine such as NodeJS should be installed Install JSEngine.

    in terminal when I run “node -v”
    It outputs V6.0.0

    Any ideas what I need to do to get rid of warning.


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    Hryhorii Hrebiniuk

    Hello @mikeboski,

    During installation, Oro tries to find any installed JS engine in the method getDefaultJsEngine. It users global PHP variable $_SERVER[‘PATH’].

    Please, check where your NodeJS installed (Unix):

    And then, check you $_SERVER[‘PATH’].
    – for command line PHP configuration, it will be:

    – for PHP over web, create file with content:

    Put this file into document root and open it over http. The output is

    Take in account, that user running “node -v” in terminal is different from user that web-server uses.

    NodeJS have to be accessible for WebServer’s user

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