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    We followed this article:

    Integration with Magento

    Right now we have a one channel per store that we have (6 magento channels in all). Is it possible to have one channel for all the stores? I see that on the OroCRM side, when editing the integration, Website field is by default “All websites”. When we first setup the integration we chose a specific store not knowing if it was possible to do “All websites” and never really thought about it until now.

    If we can have one channel for all the stores, are there any drawbacks as far as data, reports, marketing features in Oro ?

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    Mike Kudelya


    Are you mean ‘we have a one channel per website‘ instead ‘we have a one channel per store‘ ?



    Yes, I believe you are correct in that we have one channel per website. Each website has it’s own store but shares products and the same database – making it a multi-store installation.

    Is it possible, when on ‘Configure Integration’ screen, to select ‘All web sites’ instead of each individual site?

    The tooltip for Website’ dropdown selector says this:

    This is a list of websites associated to the Magento instance specified above. Only one website can be selected per channel. To refresh the list, click on the Sync website list link next to the control.

    I want to be sure we are connecting to OroCRM how it is supposed to be.


    Mike Kudelya


    I have created two integration with Website 1 and Website 2, synchronized them, after that disable first integration and set second to ‘All web sites’, created an order and synchronized again. The order has been assigned to second integration. I suggest you backup our database before any changes.

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