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    I setup your “orocommerce”, but i can’t find any documentation for it. then i found out this orocrm/oroplatform documentation.

    I’ve been trying to create my own templates for front-end side but its not going well.

    I’ve been following this guide but its not giving me good results. (Customizing the Application Layout)

    I extended the “OroB2BFrontendBundle” to my own custom bundle:

    Then I copy the “.twig” files in my own bundle. I still can’t override the those “.twig” files.

    The files are from this directory: oro\commerce\src\OroB2B\Bundle\FrontendBundle\Resources\views\layouts\default\*

    am I looking at the wrong bundle to extend or orocrm documentation is not suitable for orocommerce

    Please help me. I need to be able customize the frontend for our client.

    thank you.

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    Yevhen Shyshkin


    I’ve checked this case and it works out of the box. I’ve successfully overridden template OroB2B/Bundle/TestBundle/Resources/views/layouts/default/layout.html.twig and changed block datagrid_widget – and this fix was applied at frontend.

    Please, make sure your bundle is loaded (you can check that in Symfony debug toolbar) and path to your template is exactly hte same as to the original template.



    Its working now. thanks.

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