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    I have reported this problem in this post. Although it said the issue is resolved in OROCRM v. 2.3 but I still have the same issue.

    Here are the issues. I have made an extension relationship between CalendarEvent and my own entity EventName.
    Create event through http://localhost/app_dev.php/calendar/default look like this. Basically, I replaced the title field with event name.

    Issue 1. After the event is saved with the selected event name. Event title is not displayed. Title is displayed after page refresh.

    Issue 2. After page refresh, when I edit the same event, evenname selection is blank. I need to reselect again.

    To copy the value from EventName to Title, I have made a Event Subscriber. I add this Subscriber to the end of the builForm in CalendarEventApiTypeExtension.

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    if I understand correct, you try to replace string field data of CalendarEvent entity by some relation to other entity.

    But where original ‘title’ field from form?

    About issue 1 – please, provide steps to reproduce of that problem.
    Issue 2 – it seems that original entity id did not saved correct to entity field that created in your entity. How you add field to entity and how you add field to form?

    It seems something wrong with CalendarEvent form on your version. Maybe, I can help you, but please give more information (or code) to see what wrong.



    Yes, your understanding is correct. I want to replace title in CalendarEvent with my own entity EventName. My problem only occurs in API, http://localhost/app_dev.php/calendar/default. http://localhost/app_dev.php/calendar/event/create works fine.

    Issue 1.
    1. Create an event through http://localhost/app_dev.php/calendar/default.
    2. Select an event name in the drop-down.
    3. Save the event.
    4. The calendar displays the created event with the start time, but no title.
    5. After page refresh the title is displayed.

    I use event subscriber to copy the Event Name value to Title.

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