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    What’s the proper way to remove an extend field at install time?
    For instance if I wanted to remove the stock ticker field for the account entity completely during the install process. I wrote a migration in my own bundle that does a dropColumn on the account table in the database for the field but the config for the field is still hanging out in the oro_entity_config table. I figure I could grab the account entity config out of that table and unserialize the array for fields, strip the ticker references out and save it. However that just doesn’t feel like the proper way to go about it.

    Thank you,


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    Dima Soroka

    Right now we don’t have a support for extended fields removal in migration scripts, this feature is scheduled for implementation.


    Jeanmonod David

    Hi Dima,
    It this still a limitation? I wonder if this is available on 1.4?


    Dima Soroka

    We still not implemented this, the current plan is early 2015.


    Pavel Levin

    When will?

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