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    Christian Kleinhuis

    hi there, i want to remove the default menu, following either of the prosed methods i am not able to hide the existing menus

    – variant 1: configure Resources/config/oro/navigation.yml
    as proposed in the posting it said

    but the effect is that i stillsee the sales menu entry in the to nav, i learned that i can look into the oronavigationbundle tio find out the keys used

    status: menu is still visible

    – variant 2: in the navigationbundle description there is mentioned a method where via “features.yml” an entry can be removed

    so, the documentation makes not too clear where to put the features.yml i believe it is good in Rersources/config/oro

    would love to strip down oro a little bit, beside of that, using bundles.yml to deactivate a bundle does not work as well 🙁 used this as is and entered in the bundles.yml

    i still see the deactivated bundle in the symfony debug app-dev.php console 🙁 any hints what i did wrong here ?!

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    Christian Kleinhuis

    it worked via editing the navigation.yml and include the existing navs for overrideing due to higher module priority

    1. set module priority higher than any other menu creator (>50) which is done in bundles.yml

    2. enter this into navigation.ymlm which is simply overriding the setting of any other module for that node to remove the sales tab



    yes, parameters overriding depends on bundles priority. So, you should create bundle for your customizations and set for it highest priority and all overriding should work correct.

    Can I help you any further?

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