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    As an exercise, I dropped the following in the bottom of `app.php`

    and discovered there’s over 2000 PHP files loaded for a dashboard request.

    Are there any (sharable) plans for a performance optimizations before or after the 1.0 launch that would reduce the number of PHP files per request? Or should we be planning our deployment architecture to handle this sort of usage pattern by PHP/OroCRM?

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    Dima Soroka

    Hi Alan

    Thanks for your post. We are aware of some performance issues and planning to work on them before GA release. One big issue that we currently have related to services usage in twig extensions. Because twig extensions initialized on every request it cause all related services instantiation.

    Please share with us any of your findings, it definitely helps to make platform better.



    I didn’t research extensively, but the only other thing that immediately pops out is there’s over 640 files pulled from the

    folder for a single dashboard page request. I’m not familiar enough with Doctrine’s inner workings to know if there’s anything that can/should be done to help with that.



    Hi Alan,

    You can try to enable APC cache for Doctrine cache in the app/config/config_prod.yml file (and test in prod mode of course). It’s currently commented in the CRM application so there’s maybe some reasons I’m not aware of, but we are using it on our side (Akeneo) without any problem:



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