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    Hi guys, so all I want to do is add an image upload to the orocrm contact bundle, however, this is proving to be much more than a standard symfony bundle extension it seems. I would like to add the property on my contact entity, which extends the oro contact entity. However, I don’t want there to be two contact tables, and I can’t utilize the single inheritance type because I don’t want to adjust oro’s entity file, which is the topmost class.

    That being said, for now I did create the 2nd contact table, but the form type is not inheriting like I think it should. I cannot get my new property to output. I’m not 100% certain how all the event listeners and form handlers might be affecting things as well.

    In short what is the easiest “oro” way of achieving this? Is this on the road map to allow file type on the extended fields to later versions of oro? Thanks!

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    Dima Soroka

    We scheduled implementation of “file” field type for extended fields. Also we’ll publish en example for more advance customization soon.



    Great, thanks Dima!

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