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    Nikita Petrov

    I’m working with OroCRM and billing integration via widget in account view page. For integration I need to keep external user ID for each account entity. For this I created custom field “billing_user_id” on Account entity. I also made template inheritance in my bundle for account view template.

    Now I have object of Account entity in my template for billing widget and I need to know how can I access my custom field “billing_user_id” from entity object? Should I use Doctrine entity inheritance? If I should please help me with sample how to inherit Account entity in my bundle.

    It’s important that I also need to access to my custom field from external system by API (read/write).

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    Yevhen Shyshkin

    Hello, Nikita.

    The easiest way to access it is through regular getter:

    Also you can use UI macros to make it look better (see example):


    Nikita Petrov

    Yevhen, thank you!

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