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    while trying to upgrade we get the following error

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    Welcome to OROCRM!


    Yevhen Shyshkin

    Hello, Jarzyn.

    Could you, please, try to manually remove cache (rm -rf app/cache/*) and then run update again?

    If it will not help – please, put here previous version of OroCRM you had used – I’ll try to reproduce this issue.



    We had fetched OroCRM from git head@13.08.2014 (ba33db1) and tried to update to 1.4 stable branch with instruction from


    Yevhen Shyshkin

    Look’s like you are trying to update from 1.3.0 to 1.4.0. I’ve tried to perform this update on clear instance with demo data and got no errors – here is my migration log Maybe you’ve already updated to one of night build revisions between 1.3.0 and 1.4.0?

    Also, could you, please, check whether directory app/cache/prod/oro_entities/Extend/Entity contains files EV_Lead_Source.orm.yml and EV_Lead_Source.php? If no you can manually remove cache and then do php app/console cache:clear --env prod to regenerate cache – after that these files must be generated, and so update should be processes without problems.

    If it will not help – please, try to rollback to your 1.3.0 database state and try to do direct update 1.3.0 => 1.4.0 with fresh cache.



    Hi Guys,

    Is anyone looking after this thread?
    I’m installing OroCrm from a scratch and I’m receiving an error

    Class ‘Extend\Entity\EV_Lead_Source’ does not exist

    I tried all advices that were posted here but no luck. An error is still the same. What can I do about it?
    Please help.


    It seems that forum is dead. And project as well.


    Dima Soroka

    @annuksun – This thread was about upgrade, could you please clarify how you installation issue is related to it? As for issue with install – please provide more details on which version you are trying to install, environment and steps to reproduce.

    @Евгений – please clarify your conclusion, are you actively following our forum, github updates and blog?



    Hi Dima,

    Thanks for your quick reply.
    Essentially, I’m trying to follow the installation guide published at this website.
    I receive this error when I launch php app/console oro:install –env=prod in the shell.

    I must confess, even though I have some technical background and I used to admin and manage linux servers, my knowledge is quite obsolete. I’ve managed to get through most of the steps however this issue I cannot overcome so your help would be greatly appreciated. Please let me know what kind of details (outputs of commands) do I need to provide you with so that you could help.

    I really need this OroCrm up and running since I’ve realised that this is the only solution that will smoothly work with my magento shop and provide me with all the CRM data that I need for my business.

    So I’m really hope you can help me to finalise the installation.



    Dima Soroka

    Please make sure you are using latest stable version

    please share installation log from app/logs/oro_install



    Hi Dima,

    I’ve tried with the latest stable version. An error is still the same.
    There is no log at app/logs/oro_install (probably because I’m using shell for installation)

    However, this is what I see in the output in the shell.

    Please advise what I can do.



    Mike Kudelya


    Which commands did you run?
    Does database user has permissions to create/update tables?
    Does linux user has full permissions to oro directory?
    Does database contain any tables before installation?
    What version of php do you use?
    What database do you use, mysql or postgreSQL?

    You should prepare empty database, fresh clone and run following commands:

    Clone project:

    Prepare vendor directory:




    Hi Everyone,

    Big thx for all your help.
    I completely removed orocrm folder, dropped database and made a fresh installation following mikekudelya advice.
    Everything was installed perfectly. It is working now. Huarray!

    Unfortunately, I did a stupid mistake and filled database with a sample data. So the only question I have is whether it is possible to removed all this data without reinstalling the whole application.

    Thanks a lot for help!


    Mike Kudelya


    I think you better reinstall application, because there is no command that removing sample data.

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