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    Hi there,

    I’ve added a field called “brand” on “Magento Shopping Cart Item” entity using the Entity Management. (I did a custom change on my Oro Bridge to provide this data.) The same idea is working well on an another OroCRM installation 1.8.*.

    From Magento integration’s log, I’m seeing this:

    I tried to update any kind of cache or entity config and everything looks OK. Even using this debug command I can see the “brand” extended field description.

    Some commands I tried:

    I’ve done this before with no problems, I’m not sure if it’s something related with the latest 1.9.0 crm.
    Anyone have any clue to solve it?


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    Forgot to mention this one having issues as well. Dynamically added “categories” field.


    Ivan Klymenko

    Hi Rodolfo,
    are you able to use these entities and extended fields via create/edit forms?



    Hi Ivan,

    No because there is no way to use create/edit forms to create a new Magento Shopping Cart Item.
    Despite those errors on integration logs, all brands and categories are coming and being saved on Cart Items.

    So, no idea why those warnings. 🙂

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