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    Hi everyone,

    I am writing to you because our Enterprise became partner from OROCRM and I tried to install ORO CRM Enterprise because one guy add me to the repo; but when I attempt to do it; it say something like this:

    git clone
    Initialized empty Git repository in /var/www/orocrment/crm-enterprise-application/.git/
    error: The requested URL returned error: 403 Forbidden while accessing

    fatal: HTTP request failed

    It is important to mention that I have already installed a ORO CRM Dev Edition on my Server; and it is working, now, I am trying to do it in the same server but using Enterprise Version.

    Could you help me out please in order to know what happening is?

    Thank you!

    Best regards!


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    Artem Liubeznyi

    Hi Julio,

    Looks like you do not have access to the Enterprise repository, hence the 403 error. Please tell us your GitHub username so we can check if you indeed were added to the repo.

    Thank you.



    I’m having a similar issue. Also, our company became a partner with Oro and one of our clients has an OroCRM Enterprise. I was added to their repository, I was able to clone it to my local server, but when I execute the composer command:

    I get the following error:

    I’m not really sure how what’s going on.
    Any hints?

    By the way, my git user is aleao-sl

    Augusto Leao

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