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    What’s the status of OROCRM performance?
    Demo site is running very slow.
    Our test setup is also taking over 1.5 seconds to load for a single user.
    I see some issues around the web, that haven’t been addressed or partially addressed…

    CentOS: 7.3.1611
    OroCRM 2.2.0
    nginx: 1.10.2
    RAM: 8GB
    HDD: 100GB SSD RAID1
    CPU: 4 cores Xeon 2.4GHz
    MySQL: Percona 5.7.16-10 SSD RAID1 separate machine and drives
    opcache enabled, timestamp check disabled as recommended, xdebug disabled
    New installation without sample data.
    We are running in prod env.

    Any recommendations for speeding up the application, as I don’t see this running very well on a few dosen users…?

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    Hello, @scvikic! Demo site usually works not so slow, as you described, maybe there were some technical issues. Please, check it again, and if it will work same, we will contact with our dev ops team.

    As for your application instanse, are you running it in production (app.php) or in development (app_dev.php) mode?



    Hi there, thanks for a quick reply.

    I did a simple test on demo, loaded the UI and then recorded the Contacts request.
    It took almost 4 seconds to load. Here’s a screenshot

    On our test system it takes 2.1 seconds to load.

    I assume our app is running in production mode since nginx is configured with: try_files $uri /app.php$is_args$args;

    Do you have any more suggestions we could try?
    OroCRM has an awesome feature set, which we would really like to use.



    As you can see on my image, , I tested same page and it took to load all page content for 852ms. It is better result, that your testing. I think you checked on fresh installation without cache, because of every 30 min re install of demo. Also, as we can see on my screenshot, request to server has took only 599ms, other time – it is css, js and rendering.

    Update. I did not noticed 4.83s of finish time. But as for my opinion, page opened and loaded pretty quick

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    Update. I noticed enabled checkbox on your screen, ‘disable cache’. I think this is also may be the reason of slow speed. On production server cache is necessary and must be always enabled.

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    Hi @scvikic.

    I suggest you to use redis (instead of default filesystem cache) and don’t forget to tune opcache.

    See here: (bottom of file)



    Hi guys, finally got to test this a bit more.

    @akhristiansen tried a full page load as you did (Cmd+R or F5) with cache enabled. as you can see I get good response time, but page load is loooong.
    Test case 2: After the page has been loaded, I clear the console, and from the left menu select Contacts I get 6 seconds load time.

    Here is a video of the experience this was recorded after a few reloads to prevent the impact of demo reset.

    I’ve setup a new installation on a different machine (4 cores/8GB RAM) almost same results.

    @iantypenko I’ll try with redis, but what is cached in it? Only sessions or more?

    What I see as the main problem is long loading time of data. This is clicking Customers > Accounts 5 times in a row
    Why isn’t this response data being cached and the more important question why does it take so long to generate:

    What else do you guys suggest?

    Should I setup an AWS instance as neutral ground, we optimize it and write a tutorial about it?

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