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    I have a custom process definition in src/Example/MyBundle/Resources/config/process.yml:

    You can see that I changed the namespace of CaseEntity from OroCRM to Oro during the 1.10 => 2.x upgrade. But the process is not working.

    When I look at the process in the UI under System > Processes, I see it still shows the 1.x namespace (OroCRM) for the Related Entity.

    Running the oro:process:configuration:load console command does not fix the problem, and if I try to delete the process from the UI, I get an error message: “You do not have permission to perform this action.”

    The only documentation I can find is here:


    which does not describe how to define/update/manage custom processes. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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    We found the answer here:

    Send email to Case assignee when assignee is changed

    (We moved the process definition from config/process.yml to config/oro/processes.yml and put the contents under a top-level “processes:” key.)

    Now the process works and the email is sent when a case is reassigned, but I got this error:

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