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    I have installed OroBridge, there is some new methods on SOAP API such as oroOrderList and others, but i did my sync before install OroCRM Bridge, now in my OroCRM its says : Native Magento API is used; only customers and orders will be synced

    Do i need to install a new Channel ?

    Trancking is working fine!
    Its get some info from API, but i still cant ADD a order and Funnel seens not be working!

    I am missing something ?

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    Roman Grebenchuk

    Just open related Magento Channel -> edit Integration -> Check Connection and Save Integration. After Check Connection you will see version of OroBridge



    Its show :

    Connection successful, please select a website from the list below

    No OroVersion.

    Im my API on SOAP i have :
    – oroCustomerAddressInfo
    – oroCustomerAdressList
    – oroCustomerCreate
    – oroCustomerInfo
    – oroCustomerList
    – oroCustomerUpdate
    – oroOrderInfo
    – oroOrderList
    – oroPing
    – oroQuoteList
    – oroWebsiteList

    On my OroBridge i have no options, is that normal ?


    Roman Grebenchuk

    oroPing returns following information

    <version xsi:type=”xsd:string”>1.2.0</version>
    <mage_version xsi:type=”xsd:string”></mage_version>
    <admin_url xsi:type=”xsd:string”>….</admin_url>



    Thanks, Access Denied! found the problem…



    Hi, I’m having the same issue. I installed the OroCRM Bridge on magento, connection is ok but not receiving Shopping Cart data.

    When I look at the integration, can see the message “Native Magento API is used; only customers and orders will be synced”

    silici0, you said “Access Denied” was the issue. Access denied to what?


    In integration form, after check connection i got the message

    Your OroBridge extension version 1.1.0 is outdated and therefore its functionality will be limited. Please update the extension to the current version 1.2.0 and re-check the connection.

    But i can’t find version 1.2. The latest version 1.1.4. As result connection works fine, but i can’t import anything.

    If i try to run oro:magento.initial.sync, i see message

    The identifier id is missing for a query of Oro\Bundle\IntegrationBundle\Entity\Channel


    Dima Soroka

    We are checking on this issue


    Roman Grebenchuk

    Hi, last version of OroCRM Bridge is and it’s available on extension page . Once you installed new extension go to the Magento channel edit page then click edit Magento integration check Connection and save integration and channel. Last actions will enable Shopping Carts sync.


    In module from magentocommerce in etc/config.xml is written 1.1.4. Same as on github.


    Can you public more information about MagentoBundle. May be i can help with Magento Bridge. I need description of OroCRM requests to Magento Bridge, and how i can debug them on OroCRM side. I am beginner in Oro.


    Hello! What about fixing problem in MagentoBundle?


    Artem Liubeznyi


    What kind of problem you are referring to?


    Chain of Magento Oro Bridge and OroCRM don’t work as i expected. I installed Magento Oro Bridge, created integration but oro:magento:initial:sync didn’t work. Only stores, sites and other technilac data were imported. No carts, no customers, no orders.
    Then i created Schedule sync and executed it in command line “php app/console oro:cron:integration:sync –integration-id=1 -v”. Only 1 order and customer were imported.
    I thought that there is some bug in MagentoBundle. May be i was wrong. How can i fix this issue?


    Roman Grebenchuk

    Could you share initial sync log and initial date?


    Is any way to clean magento integration tables and to start oro:magento:initial:sync again without reinstallation of OroCRM? After first running of “schedule sync” manually i can’t repeat data integration and create log for sharing. I got error The identifier id is missing for a query of Oro\Bundle\IntegrationBundle\Entity\Channel

    Default date (1 Jan 2007) was used for oro:magento:initial:sync. First order was added in 2011.

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