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    Hey Guys,

    I have an install of Orocrm running on Google cloud via a Bitnami setup. I am using the 16vcpu with 14G of memory.

    We are using the latest version of the Magento Bridge and 1.8.2-1 version of Orocrm.

    I have a Magento site with 160k customers and about 377k orders so we are not talking that huge.

    When running the initial sync with Magento and initially it all runs nicely however, after a few hours, the php sits at using 100% and then eventually it runs out of memory even thought I have the php memory limit at 10G.

    Here is the Google timeline with where it is initially and where it ran out of memory:

    Google Console

    I am now struggling with what I should look at here as it seems something odd going on!

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    I got a similar problem once.

    At that time the problem was some fields in Magento store coming as ‘null’. Maybe a product without category or order assigned to a product that doesn’t exist anymore. (Could be some similar)

    I was able to solve the problem verifying the logs app/logs/prod.log

    In the title of your post you say ‘100% CPU’ but I’ll assume that you’re talking about 100% memory right?


    Good luck

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