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    My accounts are not showing up in leads. However I can create new accounts from the leads panel. But when i search for preexisting leads none are found.

    I created a lead with a new account through the panel.

    When I inputted it into opportunity, opportunity threw an error that the lead was invalid.

    I think if I fix the first , the second will resolve.

    Do you know why accounts are not being linked to my leads panel?


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    Artem Liubeznyi


    Can you please share a couple of screenshots? I can’t really understand your problem from the textual description, sorry.



    Hi Artem, sorry about that.

    Here is a screenshot of the problem:

    None of the accounts are found, except the account create through this panel.

    However, as you can see there are many accounts created:

    Both Magento type, and manually created accounts from (customers > accounts > create account) are not showing up in the create opportunities accounts field.

    If I can fix this, I think my other issues will be ok.




    I would also like to mention that, Contacts is working well, and I am able to select a contact. It is only Accounts which is not functioning like I would expect.

    The problem exists both in Leads and Opportunities.


    Artem Liubeznyi

    Okay, now I see where the confusion comes from.

    The Account field in both Lead and Opportunity forms is actually a dual-purpose field and it contains (and creates, if necessary) a relation to two records at once: Account AND Business customer. The “Account” name was chosen because it’s more generic term and because we want to introduce relations to other customer types in the very near future.

    Please read the release notes for the latest release, we’ve described the background for the change there in greater detail.


    Artem Liubeznyi

    So to solve your problem you need to create Business Customer records along with Accounts beforehand and then they will appear in the dropdown list. That’s what happens when you create them straight from the control.



    Oh nice, I didn’t realize I had to create a business customer.

    So basically business customer is an upgrade to a contact that exists inside an account. Once a contact becomes a business customer they can become an opportunity, and then a sales process.

    Got it and it works now.

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