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    I’m trying to use the Import features (Click Accounts -> Import button) A popup says: “Widget content loading failed”. Also, when I press the link to download the import template, I get a blank screen. Here’s what I did to try and track things down.

    First, I tailed the log when pressing the Import button. It says:

    It’s mentioning the MailChimp bundle. OK, maybe I can disable the bundle temporarily? I don’t know how to do that. How do we do that?

    I Google’d around and found a posting suggesting various commands that involve clearing of the cache. Here they are:

    The last line of the dev environment commands failed (dev environment) with an error. When it go to the platform update, it complained that the twig profiler was not enabled.

    However, the prod environment commands did not error out. However, the problem did not go away.

    I’m stumped.

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    Mike Kudelya


    What version of application are you using?
    Are you sure that /vendor/oro/crm-mail-chimp/src/OroCRM/Bundle/MailChimpBundle/ImportExport/Serializer/MemberExtendedMergeVarSerializer.php::setDispatcher() exists?

    I think, that your cache referencing on non-exists method of MemberExtendedMergeVarSerializer.php. The most simple solution is deleting yours cache directory /app/cache/prod

    and run:



    Deleting that cache folder and running the update didn’t cure the problem for me. I’m getting the exact same error.

    I’m not sure how to find my version, so I dumped this just now:

    Package Name Version License
    oro/moment-timezone 0.3.1 MIT
    oro/jsplumb 1.7.6 MIT GPL-2.0
    oro/doctrine-extensions 1.0.11 MIT
    oro/platform 1.9.0 MIT
    oro/crm 1.9.0 OSL-3.0
    oro/crm-mail-chimp 1.5.4 OSL-3.0
    oro/redis-config 1.2.0 MIT



    How do we temporarily disable the MailChimp package?



    I just grep’d for: /vendor/oro/crm-mail-chimp/src/OroCRM/Bundle/MailChimpBundle/ImportExport/Serializer/MemberExtendedMergeVarSerializer.php::setDispatcher()

    That function does not exist. What is calling this function?


    Mike Kudelya


    You are standing on ‘oro/platform 1.9.0’ version, but the setDispatcher() function added only on 1.9.2 version. Please use either latest 1.9.7 or 1.9.2 release. I have tested on 1.9.2, issue was disappeared.


    Mike Kudelya

    Small note, all oro bundles is loading via bundles.yml, for example if you delete or comment all lines in this file /vendor/oro/crm-mail-chimp/src/OroCRM/Bundle/MailChimpBundle/Resources/config/oro/bundles.yml, bundle won’t be loaded.

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