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    I have installed Orocrm Bridge in magento and through Orocrm I can create an integration for magento.
    But When I click Schedule Sync I got a message like “Check progress”.
    But no Jobs has been running and no data has been updated.
    Data sync date is set as default Jan 2007.
    I have tried with command prompt with ‘php app/console oro:cron:integration:sync’ command I got a message
    like ‘Schedule sync for “salerep Integration” integration.’.

    After that no sync is happening.
    I could not find any error in orocrm logs or apache logs.

    Please Help me sync my magento data to orocrm.


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    Mike Kudelya


    When you add “*/1 * * * * /usr/local/bin/php /path/to/app/console –env=prod oro:cron >> /dev/null” to cron, “oro:cron:integration:sync –integration-id=[n]” will automatically executed and in turn run “oro:magento:initial:sync –integration-id=[n]” (this command will sync your old customers)

    Cron documentation.



    Having the exact same problem as above. My cron jobs are set up and working fine for other aspects of the platform, nothing syncs for the Magento integration however. Running:

    Gives me the same error stating “Schedule sync for “MyStore Integration” integration.”


    Mike Kudelya

    Imagine that i have OroCRM 1.10.17, Magento and OroBridge 1.2.8. The following is my channel configuration:

    Further i have set to cron the following command:

    After 10-15 minutes i got two finished jobs:

    Are you sure that your Channel and Integration are Active ? Also, if I run the following command, I get this output:



    Finally had time to go through this. Tried starting with a completely new installation of OroCRM and created a new Magento integration. (I wanted to try 1.10.17, however the git clone of that version failed, so am on the current version, along with Magento and OroBridge 1.2.8).

    Once I ran

    Jobs began populating in this new version and it is plugging along on the sync. Thanks!



    Hello, I have the same issue,
    I have setup channel and connection:

    ORO CRM: Magento Channel settings:
    Channel Integration Settings:

    When I call app/console oro:cron -vvv
    I got:

    When call
    app/console oro:message-queue:consume -vvv
    no sync happens.

    When in Admin Panel for Magento Integration click Shedule Sync -> Full Re-Sync
    the message
    The synchronization has been scheduled. Check job progress.
    appears but no entry was created in oro_message_queue table.

    Can you please advice ?



    Also I find over all files
    can’t find string

    Have got Oro CRM version 2.3.0.

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