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    Brian Litzinger

    Hello. I’m using Oro for the first time and I must say I’m impressed with it thus far. I’m trying to do a Magento integration/channel and its connecting to Magento just fine. Its importing all members, addresses etc from what I can tell, however, it won’t import orders past 2012. I have data going back to 2009 all the way up to today and it will sync the orders from 2099 up to some date in 2012. I tried setting the sync start date in the settings to 2012, but when I do that it does not import any orders. Have you seen anything like this or have an idea of what I should look at to debug this?

    I’m running Magento and the latest version of Oro (as of Tuesday). I can provide the SOAP creds which connect to the production Magento site if you want to test an integration for yourself.

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    Alexandr Smaga


    It’s very strange.. Do you run magento with OroBridge extension ?
    I’ve just tried on our demo instance magento 1.9 CE with OroBridge and “start sync date” works as expected.


    Brian Litzinger

    Yeah, I have the bridge installed and its still not importing a lot of data. Can I email you the API creds so you can try the sync yourself?

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