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    I am currently running v1.10.7 of the Crm Application. I have created a new bundle for my customisations and in this I have a data grid that I have built for a custom entity. This data grid has a number of filters including a couple of multiselect drop downs.

    Everything appears to be working OK on a desktop browser however I am having issues with the Filter in the mobile view. The checkboxes for the multiselect are unable to be clicked on. As soon as you select something the filter box is closed. I have tested on an Android device and in chrome using the dev tools device mode and I am seeing the same behavior on both.

    I suspect the issue has something to do with the zIndex of the dropdown mask being set for the multiselect dropdown. The mask appears to cover everything on the screen – if I change the zIndex of the dropdown, reducing it by 2, in chrome dev tools I am able to select the options.

    I have noticed that in the master branch there was a commit that addresses an issue with dropdown mask.

    Since this hasn’t been merged into 1.10.7 I applied the changes directly to my checked out vendor location. This has fixed the issue with the multiselect checkboxes being able to be selected but now the whole filter selection dropdown isn’t closing properly. If I click on the filter toggle the dropdown stays where it is blocking the data grid.

    I would appreciate any help on how to rectify this issue as I am hoping to go live soon with our system and this is a bit of a show stopper since most of our users are on mobile devices.

    Should this be something that I should log as a defect in github?



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    Hryhorii Hrebiniuk

    Hi @mattscooter,

    Thank you for the report. We will fix the issue within next minor update of Platform.

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