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    Hi everyone !

    I’m working on a fork of OROCRM that fits the need of my company. However, we have some issues and I think
    you can help us.

    We have an “Activity feed” part for each Account where we can see notes, calls, emails,… related to the
    account. This is a part of OroCRMAccountBundle.
    Our issue is that everything is working perfectly on dev mode but not in production. When we are in
    production, we have absolutely no trace of the activity (buttons aren’t appearing , notes and calls neither,
    “Activity” section neither…). We already checked and it’s not the debug mode of symfony that is

    Unfortunately, the dev team that developed our fork of OroCRM is not reachable/available, that’s why I’m
    hoping that the community can help me 🙂

    Here is our config_dev.yml and config_prod.yml :

    I don’t see anything that could affect the behaviour of the account page depending on the environment.
    I put you below the datagrid.yml and the twig template that we are using. It’s the template for a “More actions” button (add a note, a call…). It’s this button (and also other stuff of the CRM related to the activity) that disappear on production.

    app/Resources/OroCRMAccountBundle/config/datagrid.yml :

    And here is the twig template :

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    Alex Rudenko

    Hi, Caunil

    Thank you for submitting your request. We will investigate the mentioned above case and keep you informed. Have a nice day!



    Hryhorii Hrebiniuk

    Hello, Caunil

    I would like to check the kind of frontend issue. Is it JS related or something in twig templates.

    1. For a product mode, built js resource is used. Did you run “app/console oro:requirejs:build” command to rebuild JS? Is there any building error in a terminal? Is there any runtime JS error in a browser console?

    2. Does the moreMassActions block take a part in page rendering? Do you see any part of that HTML on the page in product mode? Is that markup presented on the page in dev mode?




    Thanks for taking the time to look at this. To answer your questions :

    1. Yes, we are running this command after the installation. To be more precise, here is our “post-install script”.

    No errors are reported when we run those commands.

    2. In production mode, we have absolutely no comments/block about the activity feed or the moreMassActions. In dev mode, we have :


    Hryhorii Hrebiniuk

    Hello, Caunil

    In OroCRM no such block as “{% block moreMassActions %}”. So it is hard for me to say why it is included in dev mode and in prod it isn’t. Try to trace stack of templates.

    I’ll explain how it works in OroCRM, it might help you investigating your issue.

    There’s template that renders dropdown with actions list OroUIBundle::buttons.html.twig. The template is included in page over placeholder:

    GroupingChainWidgetProvider has to methods that is used to check if the placeholder have to be rendered and what data it have to use.

    Hope it will help.



    Hello Hryhorii,

    I investigated a lot on this and it seems that my issue is somewhere else. We are using the ActivityBundle of ORO and according to the readme, we should put an annotation to our entity so that the activity list can be shown :

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