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    OS: Gentoo Linux (kernel: 4.12.5)
    OroCRM: 2.3.0 (community edition)
    Apache 2.4.27
    MySQL 5.6.37
    PHP 7.0.21

    I can send e-mails but I can’t receive them in OroCRM. In the prod.log the following lines are repeating themselves over and over again:

    I am not using GMAIL but another provider. IMAP and SMTP is configured correctly, and IMAP folders are selected.

    Please advise!

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    Hi, Christian.

    Not enough information to reproduce your problem. What provider do you use? Some examples of configuration of application can help. Please, give as many information as you can.

    Previously, I had testing session with Gmail IMAP and have no problem (as you told), but no idea in what place that error can happen in your case.



    Here is my imap configurtion:

    port: 993
    encryption: ssl

    port: 465
    encryption: ssl

    I also provided username and password for login into those hosts.

    I clicked on the “Check connection/retrieve folders” button and that worked just fine.
    I have a list of all imap folders and I seleced a few of them.

    What does the error message in the log file mean?



    > What does the error message in the log file mean?

    Some query for entity ‘Oro\Bundle\SalesBundle\Entity\LeadEmail’ with ‘id’ equals to NULL.

    But I don’t want why it happen. Need to investigate IMAP provider that you use. Without that I can’t say more.



    Well… there is nothing wrong with my IMAP provider. I use it with Thunderbird every day. And since the check you have incorporated into your config page says that everything is ok, I assume, the issue is somewhere on my machine, either with my setup or with the orocrm config.

    Well, I dont’ have the expertise to investigate the matter any further. Maybe some day in the future it will work. Until then I will use my trusted Thunderbird.

    Thanks for your time.



    Just, maybe, OroCRM does not support IMAP of your provider.



    try this

    php app/console oro:cron:imap-sync

    and after
    php app/console oro:cron:email-body-sync

    to import the mail manualy and then check the logs.

    I don’t think your error in the log is related with the problem.

    It seems that the oro:message-queue:consume is trying to to something to a record already deleted, so the id is NULL. I don’t know if this error stop the cron to run other tasks.

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