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    Hi there,

    Here is my feedback about the latest version. Thanks and congratulation to all the team for the amazing job you guys are doing. It’s really nice to see all these new features coming up and making OroCRM so good.

    I would like to let you guys know about some issues that I found after upgrading.


    1) CPU usage increased significantly. I’m running dynamic tracking processing.

    CPU Usage from 25% to 60%:
    CPU Usage


    Memory from 7% to 9% (not a problem at all):
    Memory Usage


    Didn’t know that the sync command was changed. So, had to figure out why my magento integration stopped. Now we have: oro:cron:integration:sync.

    Tried to disable Dynamic Tracking processing in order to minimize the impact of the CPU Usage in my server but when I try to run the command to import the tracking files nothing happens. I traced the sql query but didn’t understand why it’s trying to execute the follow querie if the field akeneo_batch_job_instance.rawConfiguration is encrypted on what looks like to be base64.

    SELECT COUNT( AS sclr_0 FROM akeneo_batch_job_execution a0 LEFT JOIN akeneo_batch_job_instance a1 ON a0_.job_instance_id = WHERE a0_.status NOT IN (2, 3) AND a1_.rawConfiguration = ‘a:3:{s:10:\”entityName\”;s:45:\”Oro\\Bundle\\TrackingBundle\\Entity\\TrackingData\”;s:14:\”processorAlias\”;s:27:\”\”;s:4:\”file\”;s:64:\”/var/www/html/orocrm/app/logs/tracking/20150904-18-5-7.log\”;}’;

    The reports problem crossing data between organizations it’s fixed.

    Thank you!

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    Dima Soroka

    Thanks for your feedback, Rodolfo, we are looking into root cause of this issue and will update you as soon we will resolve it.

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