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    I have a Virtual Server with 1 GB Ram and a 2 GB Swap File but anytime I try to download a package from the marketplace it crashes after about forty minutes, taking the whole server down too. I was originally running a bitnami package but switched it to straight Ubuntu with OROCRM installed. I’ve tried this dozens of times to the same result. Same thing happens with all extensions and with CLI or with Composer. If I use the website, I just get an Ajax error. Set PHP CLI to no memory limit and no timeout to see if it would go through but it doesn’t.

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    I started another virtual server with 4GB Ram and allocated 2GB to PHP-CLI and now I’m replicating the same problem essentially. Memory exceeded 2GB and crashed.


    Yevhen Shyshkin


    This is a known issue of composer – it built whole dependency tree to get appropriate version. We are aware about this issue and working on it.

    For now you can try to set memory limit to -1 (4Gb should be more than enough).

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