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    Kelvin Kyaw


    I have a problem that apache configuration. Here my virtual host setting.

    But, when I access to other menus, is always shown in front of the my targeted menu. So, it was shown 404 page. e.g It should be like that

    I just follow this instruction. I think that instruction have some typo error the following two line.

    Please help me to fix it this issue.


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    Looks like you don’t have the rewrite module enabled in Apache. Do you?


    Kelvin Kyaw

    Here my enabled module


    Mike Kudelya


    Here is my virtual host and i successfully open http://orocrm-application.local/app_dev.php:

    I think is wrong url. Your document root already has been set to
    /oro/web, why do you add /oro/web to your url ? Try



    Hi there

    I am having the same issue. Here are the details;

    document root is /var/www/html/orocrm/web

    In my .conf file for this virtual host i have this set in the documentRoot as well as in the <Directory> ie <Directory /var/www/html/orocrm/web>

    My url us This works fine and i can log in and see the dashboard. But when selecting logout or perhaps going to a menu item like jobs it comes up like this
    rather than

    If i remove the extra documentRoot info from the URL it works fine, so I am sure its an apache thing.

    My virtual host file looks the same as Kelvin Kyaw with the extra option of “Allow from all” in my Directory options.

    Any help would be great as i really want to get stuck into using OroCRM.



    I have also just noticed that if i go to app_dev.php manually or set it as the DocumentIndex, the issue goes away… if i change back to app.php, issues happen again.

    Thanks in advance


    Mike Kudelya


    Issue still appear when will you run this commands?



    Yes it does

    Here is my apache config and i have confirmed that MOD_REWRITE has been enabled and I am only running 1 version of PHP, version 7.0.

    The only thing i can think of that i did different from the install was using composer from the Ubuntu Software reop as well as the nodejs from Ubuntu Repo. I am running Ubuntu 16.04.1 LTS

    Thanks again


    Mike Kudelya

    Try to find differences between my and your configuration. This config is working on orocrm 1.9.*, 1.10.*, 2.0. I’m using apache 2.2.31, php 7.0. .htaccess file in web folder i leave default.

    Here is my vhosts.conf:

    Here is my httpd.conf:

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