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    I saw 2 repos in github of orocrm and one is crm and another is oro-application.
    I see request issue feature is enabled on crm repo but the issue report feature is disabled on oro-application, why?
    When I try to install orocrm, which one I should select?

    According to the official document on this site, I should use oro-application.

    There are 2 ways to git clone source code of orocrm, which one is better and why?
    git clone -b 1.8.2
    git clone

    Is there any special concern that we should use “git clone -b 1.8.2” on production?
    If we use “git clone” without assigned version, any risk?
    I think that codes are merged into the main branch should be verified and tested.

    When I tried to install oro-crm, I faced the “memory exhausted” when I used compose install or oro-crm cli command.
    I already enabled 512M memory in php.ini.
    512M is ok for Magento installation but I don’t why oro-crm will faill.

    The problem may be the object declaration in source code is not effective.
    For example, using lots of array or object without freeze them.

    oro-crm is a awesome application and it integrated with magento well and that’s why I am so interested at the application.
    Wish it could be better and be the number on open source CRM worldwide.

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)

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