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    I’ve created custom attribute in magento (customer attribute) and would like to pass it into oro.

    In order to achieve this i’ve created new entity attribute in oro (type – select, entity – magento customer) and added several options.

    But after sync the attribute values for all customers are empty.

    Attribute details:
    attribute name (oro) – “accountType” (“account_type” attribute code in magento)
    attribute type (oro) – Select
    options (oro) – option labels from magento

    Am doing something wrong?
    If the attribute type in magento is select, then the same type should be in oro, right?

    And the other question
    is there an opportunity to remove old custom attribute in oro and create new one with the same name but another type?

    I’ve tried to delete it, but the attribute still exist in grid and marked as Deleted. And there is no posibility to create new attribute with same name.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Artem Liubeznyi

    Hi Andrew,

    Which versions of Magento and OroCRM are you using? Currently we only support sync of custom attributes between Magento EE and OroCRM Enterprise Edition. This feature is not available for the Community edition.

    The answer for your other question is no. At the moment entity fields are not removed permanently so you cannot create a new field with the same name. The workaround is to create a new attribute with the same label but slightly different name.

    We are aware of this issue and will implement the ability to permanently erase entity fields. However, this feature is not high in our priorities list and we don’t have an implementation timeline yet—so it is open for community contribution. Please refer to the GitHub issue for more details and discussion on the subject.

    Thank you.



    Where is the documentation for syncing Custom Magento fields?

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