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    I have a marketing list that I can sync with a list in mailchimp BUT the list in mailchimp has a lot of people that are not inside Oro.

    What is the best practice for getting the full list out of mailchimp?
    How do I maintain sync between Oro groups and Mailchimp groups inside of a mailchimp list?
    Do I need to have all of the fields in mailchimp have the same field name in Oro in order for them to sync?

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    Dmitry Khrysev

    Hi, apcimino
    Information from mailchimp does not synced back to marketing list source entity, because marketing list source may be any entity and there are no common rules how to map data from mailchimp member record to any entity.
    Mailchimp extension goal is to provide subscribers list to mailchimp and keep it actual, also subscription status and campaign statics are synced back.
    Whole list is imported from mailchimp to Oro into Mailchimp Member entity. If your marketing list source is always the same entity and you know how to map data from mailchimp member record to marketing list source entity you may create processor that will react on Member entity persist/update/remove events and will be responsible for data synchronization
    Processes documentation

    If you do not like processes you may use Doctrine Lifecycle Events directly or subscribe to Import strategy events.

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