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    Hello everyone, I need your help: on a first migration I put this code:

    When I run oro: migration:load –force. Everything works fine, the fields are added in the database and in the views.

    In a new migration I put the following code.

    When i run again oro: migration:load –force, changes are applied to the database, that is, the table orocrm_account removes the fid and SSN fields and the orocrm_contact table adds the fid and SSN fields, but the views are not updated, how can I make the changes Of the database are replicated in the views ?. Thank you very much.

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    Did you try to clear cache? What’s your environment?


    Mike Kudelya


    Please add the following code to second migration to remove your fields from oro_entity_config_field:

    I have ran these migrations and can see your two fields in the Contact View page:

    Please check if the Contact entity contains these columns:

    Also, could you tell me what version of OroCRM do you use ?



    Hello Mike, when I put this code in the migration:

    I receive this error message: Field “Oro\Bundle\AccountBundle\Entity\Account::fid” is not configurable.

    The “Account::class” that I give as a parameter to “RemoveFieldQuery” is: “Oro\Bundle\AccountBundle\Entity\Account” and the new attributes declared in the “Entity” folder of my bundle, this is the code :

    I would greatly appreciate your help. Thank you



    As the documentation says I have to create an Account class that inherits from ExtentAccount, but then in my controllers there is a difference between “MyBundle \ Entity \ Account” and “Oro \ Bundle \ AccountBundle \ Entity \ Account” and it is not really what I need, what I need is that “Oro \ Bundle \ AccountBundle \ Entity \ Account” be the parent of my “MyBundle \ Entity \ Account” and it works as a true inheritance.

    I would greatly appreciate your help. Thank you

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