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    I tried searching Google and all the orocrm documentation on how to set up calendars and mail.

    We want to use tasks to remind us when to email customers.

    The task would go off on a specific date/time and email the sales rep.

    Emails are not sending (no mail client hooked up)

    Calendar is not working (maybe no chron job set up)

    Is there a starter’s guide on how to activate calendar and email? What should I do?


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    Artem Liubeznyi

    Hi Anton,

    No such guide yet, although we have it in the pipeline for our documentation. However, our user guide already covers the basics of email and calendar.

    Are you having trouble setting up your email?



    Yes I would just like to send a general guide to our developer on the steps we need to take to set up email.

    For example, should we set up our own email server on our website?

    Is it faster to set up if we send through Gmail – if this is a possibility?

    If there were 5 or 10 steps to set up email for orocrm what would they be?

    It would be very nice to have a simple guide like this.


    Mike Kudelya

    Hi Anton

    This documentation is telling you how to setup swift mailer. Full list of swift mailer parameters you can find there. Please update your app/config/parameters.yml file and set right mailer_transport, mailer_host, mailer_port, mailer_encryption, mailer_user, mailer_password parameters. Further values from parameters.yml will be set to swift mailer configuration. For example i’m using following configuration for send emails through Gmail:

    If you are planning use smtp server, please set mailer_transport to smtp.



    Thank you

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