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    1) When installing OroCRM I’ve input our Mandrill credentials. Then, after setup, I’ve added two mailboxes (Google Apps), IMAP and SMTP. I then added both emails in my Profile (as secondary addresses) in order to be able to reply from them.

    It seems that the replies go from Gapps SMTP (which is great, as it syncs with our smartphones, congrats for this great idea!!!).

    So here’s the question: when is the Mandrill account used? When sending reports?

    Maybe you can clear things up a little bit, as right now I’m kinda basing on “trial and error”. 🙂

    2) Is there any way of setting OroCRM to send personal email notifications? For example when somebody assigns a task to me, can I get an e-mail notification about that?

    Thank you!

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    Artem Liubeznyi

    Presently, we only support one mailbox for the user account, and email addresses added as secondary will be used for identification only, like aliases for the primary email. The mailbox you set up in the IMAP/SMTP sync will process all the correspondence.

    The Mandrill address you have entered upon the install will likely be used for email notifications and other system-related emails.

    Speaking of which: it is possible to set up personal notifications by creating Notification rules under Email > Notifications, but not for the case you’ve mentioned. Currently we only support notifications on record creation, update and deletion; assignment is not in the list. Should be though, and I will add this task to our backlog.

    Thanks for helping us to become better 🙂

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