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    Wim Godden

    I’m trying to import a lot of contacts through a CSV (created from the data template).

    The import itself seems to work fine for almost all contacts (a few of them have data issues, so I removed them for now), but they’re not being linked to the accounts although the “Accounts 1 Account name” is specified.

    Am I doing something wrong ?

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    Wim Godden

    Update : I just noticed that if I select ‘Add & Replace’ instead of ‘Add’, it does link them.

    But then on some records it also gives me this :
    [2016-08-31 22:55:15] batch.ERROR: Encountered an error executing the step: A new entity was found through the relationship ‘OroCRM\Bundle\ContactBundle\Entity\ContactEmail#owner’ that was not configured to cascade persist operations for entity: Mr. Firstname SomeLastName. To solve this issue: Either explicitly call EntityManager#persist() on this unknown entity or configure cascade persist this association in the mapping for example @ManyToOne(..,cascade={“persist”}). [] []


    Mike Kudelya


    Can you give me CSV file where errors were occurred? What version of platform are you using ?


    Mike Kudelya

    My email is



    Hi, There is also other users affected


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