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    Tom Holland

    When we first set up our app, we enabled email sync for 4 users and set it to sync the INBOX. I had not seen anything in the documentation that indicated this was a very bad idea! Fast forward a couple years and now we’ve got a 9GB+ database and 8GB+ of that is email data and very little of it related to contacts.

    What is the workflow supposed to be for synchronized emails? Is the user supposed to set up a separate folder that is used for CRM(and synced by Oro) and when an email comes in, they have to move it into that folder manually and then wait for it to sync before they can see it in the CRM?

    What is the typical use case and setup for email sync?


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    Same doubt here!I was wondering if the synch was just an index to consult the emails or if they were actually stored in Oro server.

    I guess a claver way could be only synching emails in which the CRM lead/contact/customer is on the To/From or Bcc but couldn’t find a way to do it as of yet.


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