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    I want to add a import button in my app to import a file to sever, after that I’ll handle the file by myself. It means I just want to reuse import button and import dialog, but in OroCRM, I have to use processor and importing sevice serve by OroCRM. How can I just use import button and import dialog without using the way OroCRM import file?

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    You will probably want to register a new ImportHandler with custom code, that will react to the button. I would see Handler/HttpImportHandler as an example. You should try registering it as a service exactly the same way as in handler.yml in the ImportExportBundle, with appropriate prority.

    A second approach would to be to insert the button manually and point to some new code. Each button is a common template, residing in the UIBundle. There should be no problem inserting it via some placeholder of Oro’s layout.

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