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    I’d like to pull in all the transaction data from the POS into Oro CRM, and then create a sales report that calculates:
    Formula 1. Transaction number / (Product X + Product Y + Product Z)
    Formula 2. Sales Revenue / Transaction number
    I want to do this for different periods e.g. months or years or custom dates vs previous years

    In effect I am using OroCRM reports to do some financial reporting. Is Oro CRM able to do this? I’m thinking I’m trying to fit a “financial report round peg into a CRM square hole”.” And maybe should use other software.

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    Artem Liubeznyi

    Hi Brian,

    Such reports cannot be created with the existing report builder UI but you might try to write a custom report.


    Dima Soroka

    More information about custom reports you can find in our documentation.

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